• Microbial activity boosts soil’s ability to make nutrients plant available
  • Micronutrients help maintain soil health and promote strong root function
  • Higher soil moisture is retained by increased organic matter
  • 90+ day sustained feeding
  • Naturally slow release
  • Non-water soluble
  • Low odor and dust
  • OMRI-listed
  • Non-burning

When growing bedding plants and ornamentals, strong plant and root development in the early planting stage is critical to bloom production. The addition of more than 70 trace minerals combines with the microbial activity to enhance bloom health, both in yield and overall appearance. MightyGrow contains at least 50% pure carbon, thus ensuring that the fertilizer is working to its greatest capacity by maintaining water and nutrients in the soil. Additional microbes further support the soil in the suppression of destructive pathogens that cause disease in plants. The danger of unbalanced nutrition and build up of too much nitrogen is eliminated because of the microsystem’s employment of minerals, microbes and organic matter.

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