• Non-water-soluble so no run-off
  • Adds over 70 trace minerals to soil
  • Adds carbon to soil
  • Non-burning
  • Naturally slow-release
  • Low odor
  • Low dust
  • OMRI-listed
  • No pathogens
  • No heavy metals

MightyGrow AgBlend is a great alternative to traditional synthetic fertilizers for golf courses. AgBlend is a poultry litter-based organic fertilizer that is non-water-soluble so it won’t wash away. It delivers carbon, minerals and microbes to your soil which improves soil health. MightyGrow AgBlend is naturally slow-release so it feeds for 90 days or more and it won’t burn your grass. It is low odor and low dust and disappears when watered in properly. AgBlend is child- and pet-friendly and is good for the environment.


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