• Non-water-soluble so no run-off
  • Adds over 70 trace minerals to soil
  • Adds carbon to soil
  • Adds living microbes to soil
  • Non-burning
  • Naturally slow-release
  • Low odor
  • Low dust
  • Child- and pet-friendly
  • No pathogens
  • No heavy metals
  • OMRI-listed

MightyGrow AgBlend is great for grass sports turfs. It is an excellent alternative to high cost synthetic fertilizers. AgBlend is non-water-soluble so it won’t wash away or run off. It won’t burn your grass and is naturally slow-release so it feeds for 90 days or more. MightyGrow AgBlend is child- and pet-friendly. It’s low odor, low dust has no pathogens or heavy metals, and is OMRI-listed. AgBlend also delivers nutrients, trace minerals and carbon to your soil. The living beneficial microbes in AgBlend help improve soil health and make your fields healthy.


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