• Slow release soil fertilizer and conditioner
  • Feeds plants for 90 days
  • OMRI listed
  • Enhances bloom health and production with the addition of more than 70 trace minerals
  • Combination of organic matter, minerals and microbes work to suppress pathogens and unwanted pests in soil carried through plants
  • Improves soil tilth
  • Low odor
  • Non-burning
  • Non-water soluble

Abundant vegetable production depends on healthy plants. Growing vegetables requires strong plant and root development in the early planting stage and is critical for healthy bloom and vegetative growth. The 70+ trace minerals contained in MightyGrow provide essential nutrients that enhance vegetable taste and production. As proven with the wildlife that consumes native plants, those plants that are enriched with magnesium, sulfur, selenium and countless other natural minerals are superior in flavor. MightyGrow contains at least 50% pure carbon, thus ensuring that the fertilizer is working to its greatest capacity by maintaining water and nutrients in the soil. Additional microbes further boost the soil in the suppression of destructive pathogens that can cause disease in plants. MightyGrow products are OMRI listed, meaning that they have passed stringent testing requirements, which guarantee that they meet the standards of the USDA National Organics Program.

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