Growing Organic Rye Grain for Alabama Moonshine!

YouTube Video – High Ridge Spirits and Mighty Grow Organics

Moonshine is a multi-million dollar business in the U.S., and it is not uncommon to hear of stills being shut down and their owners arrested with frequency still today. In fact, it happens each year right here in Alabama; but that’s not slowing down the […]

January 13th, 2014|

New Farming Operation Starts in Alabama

Mighty Grow is proud to be an important part of a great new organic farming enterprise in Alabama! Southern Fresh Produce hosted a VIP event and Grand Opening at their premier greenhouse operation in Moundville, Alabama. Southern Fresh Produce will be the marketing arm and logistic coordinator for individual certified organic greenhouse operations. The […]

December 27th, 2013|

MightyGrow Featured in OMRI Fall Newsletter

Into the Future of Inputs
What are we expecting in the next 5-10 years?
…Anne LaBelle and her husband started Mighty Grow Organics in Fruitdale, Alabama, with the simple dream of replenishing agricultural soils with trace minerals to allow plants to “meet their full genetic potential.” But standalone trace minerals proved a tough sell in the […]

November 1st, 2013|

Alabama Secretary of Agriculture Visits Mighty Grow

John McMillan, Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, visited the Mighty Grow Organics plant in Fruitdale, AL. The LaBelles have had numerous conversations with the Commissioner at various events throughout the state, and found him to be very supportive of their business. He even recommended Mighty Grow to Governor Bentley. Mighty Grow Living Organic […]

June 4th, 2013|

MightyGrow Expansion nears Completion

MightyGrow adds new jobs, nearing completion of a major expansion, including a second pelleting line, new packaging equipment and warehouse space.

Read the Washington County News article by downloading the PDF below.


April 30th, 2013|

MightyGrow to Add Jobs

Michael gave the county commissioners an update on the expansion at the Fruitdale plant, including the good news that MightyGrow will be creating more new jobs for the community!

January 19th, 2013|

MightyGrow Organics Now Offers First Living, Pelletized Fertilizer with Trace Minerals

FRUITDALE, Ala. – MightyGrow Organics, makers of poultry litter-based, living organic fertilizer, now offers its popular fertilizer in pelletized form, making it the firstever living, pelletized fertilizer on the market. The new product also makes it easier for farmers, golf course managers and maintenance crews to fertilize their land with a proven product.

“We wanted […]

May 16th, 2012|

Tell USDA Not to Approve 2,4-D-Resistant Corn

Please sign this petition! Superweeds and superbugs are emerging all over the country. Farmers across the Midwest and South are losing their fields to pesticide-resistant superweeds so formidable and fast-spreading that they break farm machinery.

Instead of abandoning a losing strategy, Dow aims to get us all running faster on the same broken pesticide treadmill […]

February 17th, 2012|

MightyGrow Putting the “Fruit” Back in Fruitdale

A few years ago, Michael and Anne LaBelle made some life-changing decisions. Realizing that the construction industry was declining, and anticipating the coming housing bust, they closed their construction business in Dallas and devoted themselves to a new business fueled by passion for growing nutritious and delicious food. Michael, a native of Meridian, MS, […]

February 25th, 2011|