We used the organic Mighty Grow fertilizers to grow Fall vegetable crops of summer squash and lettuce, with excellent results.

All fertilizers were applied at a 200 lb N per acre. This occurred at planting, and fertilizers were incorporated within the upper 4″ of the planting bed.

A noticeable positive attribute of the Mighty Grow formulations was a lack of dust with handling. Dust exposure from organic fertilizers during handling can be a serious hazard.

In addition, the Mighty Grow fertilizers appeared to apply evenly with traditional agricultural equipment.

Squash and lettuce plants established and grew well in the Mighty Grow treated beds. No differences were observed in between fertilizer treatments. Mighty Grow fertilizer yielded vigorous plant growth which resulted in high vegetable crop yield.

Both short term and long term crop nutrient demands were met by the Mighty Grow fertilizers.

Yields were consistent across organic fertilizer treatments. Squash yields approached 400 (1/2 bushel) cases per acre. Lettuce harvest resulted in less than 5% cull, and lettuce heads were of marketable weight and size with a harvest period of 10 days.

No nutrient deficiencies were observed in the Mighty Grow treated areas.

I found the Mighty Grow fertilizers were easy to work with, provided comparable crop nutrition, and resulted in high marketable yields.

Chris Worden, Ph.D., owner of Worden Farm